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Fic - Inevitable (Damon/Elena) NC-17, 1/1

Title: Inevitable
Summary:  Elena will kiss him first. This is important. This is what happens when you grow exhausted from outrunning the inevitable.
Rating: nc-17
Author's Notes: 1,180 words. General series spoilers. Set somewhere in the somewhat near future. Written for the prompt succumb over at the Porn Battle XI. First try in this fandom. First try with these characters. Con-crit is both welcome and appreciated. All mistakes are mine. These characters, however, are not.

Elena will kiss him first.

This will be important. To Damon this will be everything and the moment will find itself burned in the back of his mind, filed away with all the memories he finds are worth hanging on to. There will be a second, a distinct stretch of time where her lips will be hesitant and still against his, where she will start to second guess herself, but not pull away completely.

Damon’s hands will still at his sides, curling and uncurling into fists as he waits because if they’re going to do this, if he’s going to do this with her, she needs to be sure. Damon will need her to be sure.

Eventually, her tiny hands will reach up and palm the curve of his jaw, fingers tracing the jut of bone and slight stubble at his chin before settling softly against him. Her touch will be light and gentle and so purely Elena that it is almost familiar, that he almost expects it because in his dreams, in every thought he has ever had about this, there is always that natural moment of hesitation. The hesitation always gives way to subtle reassurance though, always leads her to make the decision Damon will always want her to make.

Elena will push against her tip-toes and slide her hand to the back of his neck, her fingers tangling into his hair. She will angle her face towards his and kiss him, deep and thorough and Damon will sigh something wonderful, something relieved into her lovely mouth.

They will be fighting. Screaming and yelling at each other and Elena will shove him hard, palm connecting with his chest, the motion harboring every ounce of strength she has within her. It will be the surprise that sends him stumbling backwards, not the pressure, but the sentiment behind it will still be the same.

Damon will smile smugly, the movement almost unconscious, because it will always be what he loves the most about her – the fight, the spark, the way she isn’t afraid of who he is and who he is trying so hard not to be. The way she can never really give up on him no matter how many opportunities or reasons he has given her. The way she pushes just as much as he pulls, takes just as much as he gives, the two of them always stretching the other just an inch farther than they should, just an inch farther than they knew the other was able to handle.

Elena will kiss him just so she doesn’t have to look at the way his lips curl smugly at the corner of his mouth anymore.

This isn’t as important, but it is still somewhat expected.

It will be sometime in the near future.

Somewhere down the road when the dust has settled and they are almost all that’s left of their group, of their friends, of the people they were thrust together with in an effort to fight their one common enemy.

When it happens, when Elena’s back hits his mattress with a soundless, but graceful thud she will sigh something exhausted, something full of sheer relief because at this point she will be so utterly tired of trying to outrun the inevitable.

Damon will just smile softly against the soft skin of her neck. Will let his body settle above hers while his hands memorize curves and contours and the feel of her warm flesh under his fingertips.

Elena, he will say, just once, her name just a whisper between them and is surprised to find it is different from everything he ever imagined it would be, better.

There will be a moan, low and guttural in the back of his throat when his fingers find themselves at home between her legs and feel her already wet and waiting. His eyes will flick upwards and towards her, to watch her lips part and smile spread slowly across her mouth. Damon will memorize the way she looks, everything about this moment – the sight of her naked and wanton, spread out against his sheets, completely open to him. Elena’s fingers will be curling into the cotton surrounding her before reaching down towards him, her thumb tracing the outline of his lower lip back and forth, back and forth before moving backwards to tangle in his hair tightly.

With his shoulders he will spread her knees, fingers hooking around the edges of her panties made of simple cotton and pulling them down with ease and leisure. Elena’s breath will hitch, face flushing and her eyelashes will slip against her cheeks as she closes her eyes tightly. As her fingers pull at the hair she has fisted in her hands.

When his mouth finds its way between her legs she will start to squirm and he will pause, trace the line of her thigh with his mouth, lips skimming and teeth grazing as he waits for her nod of approval, for her permission. The movement is slight, but there, noticeable only to him and she tastes sharp, warm, almost as if she is completely on fire. The heady scent of blood will rush through him completely, starting in his toes and settling at the base of his skull, warming everything in between. Damon will have to close his eyes against it in an effort to remain in control and Elena will start to twitch, jerking so fiercely he has to hold her still, pushing her down into the mattress with his arms wrapped around her thighs.

Damon will push and pull, tugging at the taut string that is somehow managing to hold her together until her chest heaves, until her back arches with pleasure. Until her fingers tighten around his hair so frantically it almost hurts.

More, Elena will plead and his smile will be firm against her. Damon will answer her with a smooth, solid flick of his tongue against her clit. Will fall completely in love with the way she trembles violently against his mouth.

His name will fall out of her mouth when she comes, syllables mixing with the consonants, voice cracking on the ends. Damon, Damon, Damon, Elena will repeat, breathless and so utterly thankful as her toes curl deep into the pads of her feet and he will find himself starting to unravel completely as he watches.

Later, Elena’s fingers will spread against his skin, mouth tracing the line of his jaw then flowing upwards to graze his lips. She will be antsy, smile languid, but wide against his teeth and she will be able to tell him everything she wants, everything she needs with one kiss, with one flick of her tongue against his.

Damon’s mouth will drop against her shoulder, his laughter thickening deep in his throat.

Easy, he will breathe and she’ll sigh and move upwards and into him, legs already bending at the knees in preparation, in sheer need. We’ve got time.

Elena’s mouth will curl over his, their lips meeting at the corners as he presses between her legs.
Tags: !fic, challenge: porn battle, character: damon salvatore, fic: the vampire diaries, pairing: elena gilbert/damon salvatore, rating: nc-17
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