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Fic - Without Pretense (Jennifer Lawrence/Josh Hutcherson, RPF) pg-13, 1/1

Title: Without Pretense 
Summary: It really is entirely unfair just how well he knows her, but she’s not about to tell him that.
Rating: pg-13
Author's Notes: 1,255 words. This is completely made up. No research was done AT ALL except for watching this video and basically laughing my ass off. If RPF isn't your thing, just slide right on by. Obviously, I don't own these people.  

I just want to preface this by saying earnmysong is the worst type of enabler. This is all for you, bb! Hope you are surviving your week. Also, where are the cute .gifs for these two? Spam me, please! 


Naturally, after the interview there is dinner. With dinner there is wine, of course, because Elizabeth never wastes an opportunity for Merlot, and somehow she had managed to impart that habit onto to Jennifer as well. After dinner there is a party, and then another because apparently being a part of the biggest movie of the moment gets the three of them into places that didn’t know their names a month ago. Josh had spent an eternity flirting with fans and signing autographs, and Jennifer had done the same, sort of, except in a much more awkward, self-deprecating way because she’s not quite sure if she’s ever going to feel comfortable smiling in the wake of a million camera flashes and having a hundred people clamor for her attention all at once.

Back at Josh’s hotel room, she pushes the door closed with her shoulder, stumbling a bit as she leans against it and kicks off her heels. The cool, wooden floor is like heaven against her aching feet and she moans softly at the contact, which causes Josh to snap his head in her direction.

“You are so drunk,” he singsongs, his smile both warm and smug, his eyes dancing as they sweep over her.

And, okay, he’s got her there, but she blames it entirely on the wine. It always goes straight to her head.

Still, she rolls her eyes and huffs, “Am not,” on reflex and his laughter bubbles in the back of his throat. He slides out of his jacket and tosses it over the back of a chair as he makes his way over to her. In a mere second he’s before her, fingers dancing along her hips, and with her heels off they’re practically the same height, and it’s too tempting, she leans in, her eyes on his.

Just when she’s a mere breath away, he pulls back just slightly. “Are too,” he says, still mostly laughing, and she’s trying to think of a smartass reply, but his fingers are smoothing against her sides, teasing along the hem of her dress, and just like that she looses the ability to form any and all coherent thought.

Jennifer adds that to her long running list of Things You Probably Couldn’t Tell About Josh Just By Looking At Him – he has truly excellent hands. He doesn’t waste time – which leads her to believe he’s straddling the thin line of sobriety as well because there is nothing Josh loves more than foreplay – and his fingers slip between her legs for just a moment, tracing muscle and skin and softness and she can’t help herself, she whimpers softly, the sound blurring along the edges of his name.

He leans in then, his smile still smug (and she adds that her other list, the one entitled Things You Can Most Definitely Tell About Josh Just By Looking At Him – he really can be such an asshole when he wants to be) and she thinks for a moment he’s going to kiss her, to just give her what she wants. But instead he bypasses her mouth and his lips find her ear, teeth biting at the lobe, then at that spot just behind that controls nearly all of her nerve endings.

It really is entirely unfair just how well he knows her, but she’s not about to tell him that.

Instead, she decides two can play at this game, and she uses what little willpower the Merlot hadn’t taken and reaches up to shove his shoulder. Hard.

The loss of contact is immediate as he falls backwards on his heels. At his surprised look, Jennifer says, “I can’t believe you didn’t return my phone call yesterday,” and enunciates her words by crossing her arms over her chest.

He laughs, shoulders shaking with the movement, the sound warm as it presses into her skin and does wonderful things to her insides.

And then he catches sight of her face and sobers immediately.

“Are you for real right now?” He closes the distance between them again, hands working against her own to uncross her arms, but she’s entirely way too stubborn when she’s drunk, and he knows it, so he gives up after only fifteen seconds of actual effort. “I swear I didn’t get it. I’ve been saying you need a new phone for weeks, Jen. You can’t expect it to still work right after you dropped it down three flights of stairs.”

Jennifer believes him, but that is so not that point. Josh moves in more closely, his hands falling to her hips once more as he leans in. She doesn’t move away, doesn’t shy from his touch, but she actively doesn’t move into it either.

“And what about you forgetting about MMMBop, hmm? That is a crucial point in our history together and you just up and forgot? Seriously? How do you forget? It was monumental. It was basically life altering.”

He smirks, less smug and more boyish this time, like he’s hiding something, and normally she’d try to goad it out of him, but she’s far too drunk and it takes every ounce of willpower she possesses to keep the corners of her mouth from tugging upwards on reflex because he has that effect on her – always has. Josh reaches upwards, fingers tracing the curve of her jaw, the line of her cheekbone. He pushes a piece of hair behind her ear gingerly and it’s so stupid and cliché and corny, but it works, because her shoulders fall immediately, a sigh of sheer contentment leaving her mouth in a whoosh of air.

She’s literally about to give in and kiss him when he says affectionately, “You are so adorable when you’re drunk.”

Pressing her lips into a thin line, she groans, moving to rest the back of her head against the door. She bangs it against the frame lightly a few times, just for good measure, to make her point.“Just in case you were wondering, calling a girl adorable,” She pauses mid-sentence to make air quotes around the word angrily before continuing, “right before she’s about to have sex with you is, like, the biggest turn off ever.”

He’s laughing when he presses his lips to the corner of her mouth. “But you are adorable. I only state the facts.”

“Josh,” she whines, drawing out his name for as long as she can. He huffs and pulls back, cheek between his teeth giving away the inch of frustration she’s causing him. Jennifer takes that as a tiny victory. “A girl doesn’t want to be adorable. A girl wants to be sexy. She wants to be beautiful. She definitely, definitely does not want to be adorable.”

“Can’t you be all of the above?”

“Well, yeah, I guess so. But just as long as you recognize which one is more important.”

“And that’s not adorable?”

Jennifer shakes her head adamantly. “Definitely not.”

“Noted.” He nods diligently, clearly humoring her, and takes a step forward, folding himself against her fully, his mouth slanting towards hers as he says, “Now, are we done playing games? Can I kiss you now?”

He’s far too close, and she can already taste the bit of tequila he had earlier against her tongue, arousal curling deftly in the pit of her stomach as she imagines his hands and mouth everywhere, but still she pretends to consider it.

Sighing heavily in a dramatic fashion she breathes, “I guess that’s okay.”

When he kisses her, finally, she can feel his smile in her teeth.
Tags: !fic, fic: rpf, pairing: jlaw/jhutch, rating: pg-13
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