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while we breathe, we hope.

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ambassador of kwan
22 March
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info: isn't age just a number? work in progress. spoiler-phobe. tv junkie. works too much. coffee addict. phd in procrastination. uses lj as a crutch. suffers from lj OCD. fic and fandom related fangirlings public.

the constants: friday night lights. leverage. the good wife. the closer. burn notice. the west wing. white collar. harry james potter & company. criminal minds. mad men. revenge. parks & recreation

Likes: too many tv shows to count. football. jennifer aniston. ryan gosling. the clooney. RPF. adele. tennis. college basketball. fashion. jimmy choo shoes. things I can't afford. matthew gray gubler's amazing face. jkras. jack bauer (the dog and the person). matthew bomer's perfection.

dislikes: bad fic. liars. the lohan family. shows that let you down. phonies. wank.

Disclaimer: All shows and books used for fan fiction purposes in this journal are © to their respective creators, writers, and producers. All rights reserved. They are works of fiction. No infringement is intended, no profit is being made.


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